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Praise for Wakeworld, Second in the Books of the Between Trilogy

“Wakeworld is a fine adventure. Kerry Schafer gives us heroes we can root for and a world that twists and turns like an Escher print so that nothing is quite what it seems.”~Anne Bishop, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Schafer brings a unique voice to urban fantasy, and her writing has a dreamlike, magical quality. A captivating read, a real page-turner!” ~Yasmine Galenorn, Yew York Times Bestselling Author

…vigorously narrated within spectacular and vivid settings, with action that rarely slackens. Best of all, it’s set forth in prose so evocative that it practically leaps off the page.”– Kirkus Reviews

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The Nothing is Coming…


Dream if you dare!!

Vivian has one chance to save the worlds, and it could cost her everything. In The Nothing, the third and final book of the Between Trilogy, a mysterious illness is killing healthy people in their sleep. While doctors and world leaders scramble to determine the source of the mysterious epidemic, Vivian Maylor travels through an increasingly unstable Between on a quest to stop it. She already knows the source of the disaster: Aidan the dragon queen has poisoned the dreamworlds. Every time a dreamworld dies, any dreamer caught up in that dream dies too. Much as Vivian despises the dark magic of the Sorcieri, they hold the secrets she needs to be able to pursue Aidan through the locked gates into the Forever. She has one chance to save the worlds ”if she can persuade the Sorcieri to share their secrets, and if she is willing to sacrifice everything she loves

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“What if you could order a custom dream? Any kind: dark and twisted, sweet, sensual, or redemptive. For the right price, a dream runner will deliver one to your doorstep…”

DreamRunnerCoverJesse Davison skipped town the week she turned sixteen, with nothing but the clothes on her back and her father's vintage Indian Scout motorbike. She swore never to return to the town where in one night of tragedy she lost everything she ever loved.

When news of her estranged mother's death calls her home, she hopes for some time to sort out ten years of tangled emotions. But Jesse's job doesn't exactly allow personal days. She's been forced into service as a runner by the Dream Merchant to pay back a debt for her own dream of revenge, and there are always orders to fill.

Struggling to figure out her mysterious inheritance is more than enough to get a girl down, and things get even worse when the man Jesse loathes ex-boyfriend Will Alderson shows up. But she soon discovers the person she's been running from might just be the one she should be running toward. Too bad she's been dreaming of killing him for the past ten years.


Stay tuned for the 4th in this series, coming soon…