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Swimming North Coaching Packages

Test The Waters-- FREE. Dip a flipper in the water with a 15 minute phone consultation. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions (like, what IS Kaizen-Muse coaching anyway?) and for both of us to explore whether we would be likely to work well together on a creative adventure. Absolutely no pressure and no commitment expected.

Swimming North-- Awesome! You recognize the value of your creativity and are ready to take the plunge and start swimming toward your star. 4 sessions (50 minutes each), 4 follow-up emails, an a-musing care package delivered to your doorstep, and ongoing email support. $350.

Ride Your Wild Star-- You have reached a place in your creative journey where you're ready and able to make a serious commitment. 12 sessions (50 minutes each), 12 follow-up emails, monthly a-musing care packages delivered to your doorstep, ongoing email support. $1,000.

Refer a friend-- $50 off any package if you refer a friend who signs up for coaching.

Creative Wellness-- Maybe you made that New Year's resolution – again - to do something positive to improve your health. Maybe you never got around to it, because New Year's resolutions are like that. Or maybe you didn't even bother with the resolution but you need some support to stay with your intentions. This creative approach to coaching helps you move into a healthier balance of mind, body, and spirit. No pain – and lots to gain! 4 session (50 minutes each), 4 follow-up emails, a care package delivered to your doorstep, and ongoing email support. $350


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