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Wiki Leaks Discovers Source of Daylight Savings Time - it's Not What You Think!

In Breaking News...

Wiki Leaks has determined the cause of the annual spring forward fiasco, and it's not what you think!

Daylight Savings Time has traditionally been blamed on Benjamin Franklin, but hidden evidence indicates he is just the fall guy for the theft of an hour every spring.

As we all know, dragons are adept at both concealing themselves at will, and mind controlling humans. An unnamed source confirms that he stumbled into the den of a Time Dragon and lived to tell about it. More accurately, he was able to move backwards in time to the point before the dragon at him, since all times exist equally within the Time Dragon's Lair.

Now that we have this information, what is to be done? Both Trump and Trudeau have been advised of this information, but my informant was unable to persuade either of them of her veracity, and was very nearly admitted to a psychiatric hospital under the mistaken belief that she is hallucinating.

We know better, of course. So the question becomes, what is to be done?

A course of investigation lies with the areas of North America that do not lose this time-- namely, Arizona and Hawaii in the US, and Saskatchewan in Canada. Do these areas have some protection of which the rest of us are unaware?

Is there a knight in this age of the world capable of defeating a Time Dragon?

What would happen if we were able to retrieve all of those lost hours? Would this be to our benefit, or would it wreak havoc with our clocks and calendars?

(Deniers will ask: "What about fall back? Don't we regain that lost hour every fall? The answer is NO. Once time is stolen, it is stolen. The so-called "extra hour" in the fall is nothing but a mind game.)

Your opinions are requested. Perhaps, if we problem solve this together, we can find a way to prevail. Please share your problem solving skills in the comments.

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