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Have I Got a Deal For You!

Really. I do. 

For the first time ever, the ebook editions of DEAD BEFORE DYING are actually on sale! So if you've been curious about Maureen and her X-File-type-adventures at Shadow Valley Manor, now through February 11  you can read all about it for .99 cents.

For those who have been asking,  the second in the Shadow Valley series - WORLD TREE GIRL - is releasing on August 8, 2017! I'll have a cover to show you before long!

 The awesome and fabulous Patricia Briggs has this to say about WORLD TREE GIRL:

If you like X-Files and Ilona Andrews, you’ll love this awesome, well-crafted and unusual tale!”
— Patricia Briggs, #1 New York Times Best Seller

The sale ends on February 4, so grab your copy now before you forget. Unless, of course, you have a mind like a steel trap and will remember later. Or if you've already read the book. Or if you're just really not all that excited about a strong-minded, cantankerous, well-seasoned paranormal investigator matching her wits against a dangerous supernatural creature wreaking havoc in a retirement home.

Which is fine. Maureen is not for everybody, and there are lots of fabulous books out there. Just go read SOMETHING. 

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