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What I'm Reading: A Banquet of Consequences

Yesterday could have been a fabulous writing day. I had time, opportunity, and a deadline. Generally this is all very motivating, but I was caught up in Elizabeth George's fabulous mystery and couldn't seem to wrench myself away.

George kind of went her own way with this book, genre-wise, and I love that.

This book does not begin with a dead body and a mystery. It begins by immersing the reader in the lives of all of the people involved. By the time the murder happened - sometime after page 100 - I was deeply immersed in the dark, complex psychology that ties the characters together. 

The combination of this depth of character development with a satisfyingly twisting mystery served to keep me turning pages late into the evening. 

There were, I will admit, a few flaws. I guessed the murderer sooner than I wanted to. But the beautiful writing and incredible character and world development made that just a small thing. Definitely a five star book for me.

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