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A couple of weeks ago, just as I was gearing up for some cover reveal fun for Dead Before Dying, my website crashed. It wasn't a loud, dramatic sort of a crash, either - more of a pathetic whimper. The site still worked, after a fashion. The Logo was missing, having wandered off on some long journey of self discovery. Wishful thinking, sweet talking, and creative cussing all refused to lure it back home. Plus, whenever I tried to upload an image I got an error message. After a little investigative work it became apparent that full recovery was going to be a long and difficult road.

In the end, I mercy killed the old website and moved into new digs, thanks to some timely and efficient help from designer Eric Wilder.  I kinda like it over here. Things are a little different and I'm still learning my way around but life is change and change is good. 

It's a little late for a cover reveal party, since the cover is already out there in the world. But I still want to share it with you here. 

Also? I have a secret tip for you. Since I couldn't do a cover reveal party, I'm planning a fun game and a fabulous prize for everybody who pre-orders the book. Details to come, but I will tell you this: if you happen to pre-order before release day - February 9 - hold onto your proof of purchase. 

And, without any further words, let me introduce to you the cover for Dead Before Dying:

"Twisting and eerie, sharp and unforgettable, DEAD BEFORE DYING brings a heroine worthy of Sue Grafton to a terror worthy of Dean Koontz. 

In this supernatural thriller, shot through with biting wit, Maureen Keslyn checks herself in to Shadow Valley Manor to recuperate and rehabilitate from her last job. There, she runs afoul of the stern director and makes friends with some of the other residents, mostly older, all harboring either a secret or a grudge. With secrets of her own, like why she has her own Federal Agent checking up on her, and how she injured herself in the first place, Maureen fits right in, even as she sticks out like a thorn. 

But Shadow Valley isn’t just for rest―Maureen is working undercover, seeking to find and eradicate whatever forces are picking off the residents (and staff) at a grisly clip. With her resources dwindling one death at a time, and unnatural forces seething to rise up once more, Maureen’s experience fighting the supernatural will be her only hope to destroy a clever and powerful evil―and her only chance at surviving it. She'll need people as paranoid as she is―from the sheriff, to the undertaker's daughter, to a cook whose knife skills in the kitchen could prove deadly out of it―if she is going to bring rest to the weary, and peace to the dead… "

“A deliciously spine-tingling read full of original characters and biting wit you don’t want to miss…”―Linda Grimes, author of the Ciel Halligan series

“Very much recommended."―Alex Hughes, author of the Mindspace Investigations series

“…the story’s blend of supernatural thrills and a fast-paced, complex plot will keep readers turning pages until the surprising―and highly satisfying―end.”―Susan Spann, author of THE SHINOBI MYSTERIES

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