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Flesh and Spirit by Carol Berg

The last thing in the world I have time for right now is reading. Thus says my logical brain.

The logical brain is a liar. Reading is as essential as breathing, especially to a writer, and when I find a book that won’t let me put it down – who am I to argue?

The insistent volume in this case was Flesh and Spirit by Carol Berg.  As soon as I read the first page I felt like I was coming home after a long absence. I like a lot of books. But the ones that grab me and pull me into their world, willy nilly, are few and far between. Carol Berg’s books do this for me, and Flesh and Spirit did not disappoint. If you love big, fat, fantasy novels with incredible world building, characters you love (and hate) with passion, magic, betrayal, narrow escapes and failed escapes, plot and intrigue, you totally need to read this. Just be warned that it is a two book series and you will NEED the sequel in your hands the minute you put the first volume down.

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