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The Clandestine Laboratory - Caption this

If you don't know what this is all about, you've clearly missed out on the last edition of Monsters, Mystery and Magic and should sign up now. For those of you in the know, share your caption in the comments. The winner will be announced in next week's edition of Monsters, Mystery, and Magic. International entrants welcome, must be 18 to win. 

Adventures in podcasting: The Queen of the Misfit Book

I really thought I would be nervous doing podcasts, but so far they've all been a lot of fun. Turns out I don't have any trouble finding things to talk about when it comes to books and writing! This one, with Blondie and the Brit, ended up feeling like I was having drinks around the table with a couple of old friends. We had a blast talking about writing, social media, misfit books, aliases, and what it's like trying to balance a day job with writing widely different genres under two different names. My other alternate identity of Uppington Smythe came up, and the whole thing was recorded from my pick up truck, since the only solution to my usual wacky wireless situation was to sit outside a coffee shop to steal their signal while shutting out chatter and traffic noise.

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