All Things Good: Green

Thirty days of All Things Good has come and gone, but I realized last night that just doing the posts was a good thing. But maybe not every day. And so, I said to myself – “Self – one day a week would be good. And what better day than Monday? If ever there was a day where I need reminding about what’s good in the world, it’s definitely Monday.”

Today, I give you the humble slug.

Last Friday evening, I had the privilege of traipsing around after Johanna Harness and family, experiencing waterfalls around Portland. The waterfalls were of course magnificent and awe inspiring, and I took many pictures of them, none of which will begin to do them justice. There was also a lush abundance of other greenness – moss, and plant life – of which I also took pictures.

But the slug, ah, the slug. He is not quite green – more of a greenish yellow, the sort of color and shape that makes one initially think ‘dog turd.’ He is a slow moving little fellow. He is coated in slime. And yet Johanna’s son and I found him very fascinating, and deserving of a photo opportunity all his own. Most people missed him. In fact, we sadly suspect that the clay-colored smear of slime and muck that we found as we later retraced our steps, may have been the last remains of our little friend.

Slugs have fascinating sex lives. Most are hermaphrodites. There may be cannibalistic tendencies involved. I’m not kidding – go here for a fascinating article about the sexual behavior of banana slugs.

And if the slug doesn’t do it for you, how about a frog? This is one frog in particular, Kermit, singing about the difficulties involved in being green:

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