All Things Good: Leaving, On A Jet Plane

The feline assistant and I have successfully packed the bags and I’m almost ready for the initial stage of my week long trip away – the trek to the airport. I have to admit to a lovely buzz of excitement.

I don’t get out much, so flying is not humdrum at all for me. Plus – I’m going to be away from all of my everyday responsibilities for an entire week. Somebody else can make my bed in the morning. I can eat out, instead of cooking. No scrubbing toilets or vacuuming. No Kid Taxi Duty. If I want to watch TV – the remote is mine to control. Ah, the luxury.

Now, I may not be going to a writing conference, but I do believe that the Suicidology Conference – while maybe not quite as fun as RT, and much less likely to feature a Mr. Romance Pageant of any kind – is still an interesting sort of a way to spend the week. I’m planning on looking for new and out of the ordinary places, people, or ideas for All Things Good.

That said, it’s time to pack up the laptop and hit the road. I will be reporting in from Portland, where I understand it is grey and raining. Much like here. But that’s good too. Rain makes the flowers grow, after all.

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